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Learning on the go

SquareCrumbs is designed for the iPad, giving students the portability they need to actively pursue knowledge and learning during a trail.

Leveraging the technology built into the iPad, SquareCrumbs gives students and teachers instant access to information, answers, feedback and collaboration, wherever they may be.

Real-time feedback

Closing the feedback loop is of utmost importance when it comes to effective learning.

With SquareCrumbs, teachers and instructors are able to send feedback to students on their answers in real-time, allowing for a shorter feedback loop, and thus promoting reinforcement and retention of knowledge.

Collaboration now

Gone are the days when students acquired knowledge in separate silos. Today, collaboration and sharing are key drivers of learning. By tapping the collective knowledge of their peers, students can accelerate the pace of their learning while learning to work in a collaborative environment.

SquareCrumbs facilitates precisely such collaboration by enabling students to communicate and share their work, enabling good ideas to spread, and acting as a multiplier for knowledge gain.